Nicola Vanlint Psychotherapist / CBT & EMDR Counsellor
  • I first saw Nicola in London almost 2 years ago. I was experiencing from some long-term health issues, which ultimately led me to leave my job and seek pastures new. Nicola was incredibly supportive and understanding during a difficult transitional period.

    I had been referred to various psychologists and counselors throughout my illness, but Nicola has a uniquely personal and collaborative approach towards counseling. She made me feel at ease, and was able to help me explore some wider issues – which were holding me back from achieving my goals and moving forwards.

    After leaving London, I experienced some personal difficulties and contacted Nicola again. She arranged for us to continue counseling via Skype – which I found to be every bit as helpful and effective as a face-to-face meeting.

    Nicola has played an important role in my physical and mental health and well being at various stages in my life, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their own path.

    Jon, Self-Employed
  • Nicola was recommended to me by a very good friend who had had her own personal struggles. I couldn’t have been in a darker place in my life and desperately needed support to work through the difficulties I was living with on a daily basis. My weekly sessions with Nicola were the best investment I made. Nicola brings herself to her work, her multi-faceted personality reassures, challenges and encourages every part of the healing.

    Her approach is very natural, she may appear as if she is simply listening but “behind the scenes” Nicola is able to hone in to exactly what concerns there are, pick them apart and present them back; the realisation of what is being said then takes place and the pathway becomes clear. Her professionalism and natural understanding of people work together in a harmonic, caring and skilful way. Without question, Nicola is a truly exceptional counsellor.

    Laura, Teacher
  • I went to see Nicola after a troubled breakup which she really helped me through. At the time I felt very down and trapped by my own thoughts. I believed that I could solve any problem by myself if I thought about it long enough but I was going in circles.
    Making the effort to start sessions with Nicola made me realise sometimes you just need a little help. She was able to see what I couldn’t and bring things to light that really redirected how I thought.
    She is very easy to talk to, caring and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with her and know that I am now in a much better place because of her. If in the future I ever needed to talk to someone again I would definitely return to see Nicola

    Chris, Prop Maker
  • I wasn’t really sure what to expect before I met Nicola, never had counselling before, but I needn’t have worried as Nicola put me at ease straight away. What I really liked about the sessions with Nicola is that she provided a safe environment for me to talk openly about what was concerning me. There was no judgement or attempt to impose her views on me, rather it was about constructive ways to focus on what I needed. She tailored the sessions to my mood, adapting the level of structure to the session as appropriate. For me, it was quite liberating to speak to someone in complete confidence. I left the sessions feeling lighter and more self-aware, which helped me to cope better in stressful situations. Even after my course ended, I feel more empowered. I still find myself applying techniques she showed me. I would definitely recommend her to others.

    Ria, Manager
  • “Thanks again and definitely the meaning of life is all about real encounters, the ones that allow us to be ourselves.”

    Debora, Nutritionist
  • “I met with Nicola at a difficult period in my life when I felt I had nowhere to turn. Her calm and friendly demeanour enabled me to resolve the problems that I was facing. I was most concerned and told her endlessly I was very scared of visiting a time in my life which was too painful, she never pushed me and was extremely gentle when we touched upon some of these times, over the weeks I found healing was taking place in a calm and constant way, without the dreaded cathartic moment I had feared.”

    Susan, Director
  • “Nicola helped me process a number of issues I’d been experiencing relating to self-confidence and assertiveness. She suggested a number of practical techniques that fitted well with my own methods of approaching problems so we were able to work through the issues systematically and effectively. I found her easy to talk to and was very impressed with her adaptable and creative attitude towards finding solutions that best fitted my needs.”

    David, Web designer
  • “Nicola is a very approachable and down-to-earth therapist. The emphasis with her is on talking things out in order to seek practical solutions, rather than on merely talking for the sake of talking. She helped me sift through a lot of the muddle in my head and overcome issues relating to insecurity, low self-esteem and regret. Our sessions helped me to become a much more confident person.”

    George, Builder
  • Nicola has supported me to get to a much healthier emotional place. She is supportive and encouraging and at the end of every session I feel much more positive. Nicola has helped me let go of many negative emotions and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking counselling.

    Kate, Mental health worker
  • After thinking of having therapy for a while I found Nicola and started my journey. I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions of my life. With help from Nicola I uncovered and dealt with long-standing issues and with time, hard work and commitment to the sessions I have come out the other side much happier, calmer and loving myself as a person. Nicola created safe, understanding and non-judgmental environment for me to work on my growing inside issues. I am grateful for her support and patients and highly recommend Nicola to everyone interested in creating new happy life for themselves. Thank you Nicola.

    Kris, Chief
  • Nicola was such a lucky find for me; from the first session I felt a glimmer of hope that I had found the right therapist who, in time, could help me get better. That was about a year ago, and now I feel like a new person, a lot more at peace with the world and with myself.
    Nicola is open and inviting, understanding and non-judgemental, patient and supportive. Nicola takes a genuine interest in your development and it is obvious that she is passionate about understanding you and helping you find your way.

    Katrina, Pilates Teacher
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